Friday, 19 December 2014

The Enlightened Era: 2009 - 2016

Lots of numbers in this chart below.

  • Shots For per game
  • Shots Against per game
  • Shot Share or TSR
  • Shots On Target For per game
  • Shots On Target Against per game
  • Shots On Target Ratio
  • Goals For
  • Goals Against
  • Goal +/-
  • Goal%
  • Scoring%
  • Save%
  • PDO

Points Of Interest

  • Chelsea in 2009/10 were the best shots team of the enlightened era and it doesn't feel like a team will top their dominance for a while.
  • TSR and SoTR are pretty good indicators of team strength. 4 of the 5 title winners are in the top 10 all time (2009-2014) in SoTR. 9 of the bottom 20 in TSR were relegated, the others came close.
  • Wigan stayed up with a 81 PDO. I kinda think it must be a bug but I can't find one. Wigan posted a 50% SoTR and a 50% TSR that season and had a -42 goal difference. Somehow they survived.
  • Manchester United, the champions in 2012/13, posted a 53.4% TSR, which has confused many an analyst over the years.. That same year Manchester United posted a 59% SoTR which is the 22nd best on record. 66% of the goals scored on 59% of the shots on target.
  • Fulham, Cardiff and Norwich posted 3 of the bottom 6 Shots On Target ratios on record. Brutal teams.
  • Tottenham in 2012/13 are kinda crazy. Go seek out their numbers.
I will add more items of interest as I find 'em.

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